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At Children FIRST Therapy, we know how important it is to all of our parents that their child thrive, grow and become ready for their next step and we value that parents choose us to help prepare them for it. We aren’t just a preschool; we also provide additional sensory and movement therapy programs as well as family-centered, in-home or in-childcare therapy sessions to help prepare children for preschool.  Our full list of services includes:

In-home Therapy Sessions

​In-home therapy sessions are one of the best ways for a child to learn and receive therapy in their own natural environment. These sessions are typically offered for children birth to toddler ages as an introduction to physical, speech and occupational therapy and as preparation for transition to the therapy groups offered by Children FIRST Therapy. Therapists work with parents during in-home sessions to teach them therapy techniques and hands-on skills to enhance their child’s development during therapy and in between sessions. For children who attend childcare full time, in-childcare therapy sessions are also offered. Children FIRST Therapy staff and therapists will work with the family and the childcare facility to provide therapy sessions within the childcare classroom routines.

Preschool Therapy Group

The Preschool Therapy Group is Spokane’s only truly integrated preschool program where children with developmental disabilities receive group and individualized therapy in a typical preschool setting. In this preschool therapy group, children receive their weekly therapies while learning traditional preschool concepts and methods alongside their typically developing peers. Our expert therapists skillfully engage your child in one-on-one and group therapy work while they continue to engage in preschool activities and learning.


Children FIRST Therapy provides comprehensive developmental evaluations for all children whose families inquire about developmental delays and needed services. Children are assessed in every area of development but are also evaluated by a therapist who specializes in the area of greatest concern. Our expert therapists then examine a child’s evaluation scores and work with the family to recommend a plan for treatment.

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