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Speech Language Pathology

Amanda Padgett

Amanda Padgett

Amanda earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2014 and Masters Degree in 2016, both in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Eastern Washington University. Amanda has experience working with kids in school and community settings. Amanda has been with Children FIRST Therapy since 2021 and specializes in working with toddlers with communication and feeding disorders. Amanda has completed several advanced continuing education courses in order to enhance her skills specifically when treating toddlers with feeding and swallowing concerns. Amanda also has an interest in Gestalt language processing. She uses a holistic approach in her assessments and treatments and strives to help kids by building on their individual strengths. Amanda values opportunities to collaborate with parents and other professionals. She enjoys working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations and works to enhance her own cultural competence daily. During her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her pets and family, traveling, and enjoying hobbies.